by The Shark

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released September 27, 2011

All Words and Music Written and Arranged by TheShark
“Hope You Had Fun” Written by TheShark and Dru B Shinin' for Ben Shinin' ASCAP
“Town” Composed by Nobuo Uematsu, Arranged by TheShark

Produced by Midi McFly
Mixed and Mastered by EyeJay
Recorded at Eagle Audio in Fort Worth, TX
Engineered by Jeff Ward

“Hope You Had Fun” was Recorded at Forest Shark studios
Engineered by Midi McFly
“Town” was Recorded at Malvey Manor
Engineered by Chris Hardee

A&R Irv Jones
Artwork by Justin Kiehl
Package Layout by Greg Shark

Greg Shark - Guitars, Bass, Vox, Piano, Keyboards, Programming, Banjo, Mandolin
Irv Jones - Drums, Programming
Dru B Shinin’ - Additional Vox on (Hope You Had Fun)
Jontron - Vox on Apokolips Now, Power Saw on The Sun
Sean Humanity - Additional Guitars on They Told You
Marian Brackney - Violin on They Told You



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


The Shark Texas

Guitarist / song writer / one half of MIDI McFly / shark

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Open up your eyes look out on the
day you’re greeted with
the problems you deal with
the life you choose to live

everything is fine since yesterday things have
only changed a bit
maybe more than a bit
but you still deal with it

I know things go wrong and sometimes it's
difficult to deal with it
you think nothing could make sense
all that’s left is hopelessness

it sits in your chest
the place where all these feelings go to rest
a place called the abyss
I know that it exists

cause I’ve seen it
I’ve fucking been there
and no matter what they say about
and no matter what they think
I know it’s there

so when the only thing worth feeling
is that everything’s receding
Take a deep breath and consider just how unimportant you are
that the drama
and all of the battles you’ve won
do not add up
to anything at all
I keep hearing from people the
wrongs that have been done to them and
though I offer sympathy I
often wonder just
how they expected it to be

eventually you'll learn just like the
frog and scorpion that some
natures are irrepressible
despite their intention
it's just the way they've always been

when you’re thrust into the world
without a sense of right just don’t lose
sight of the fact that although it’s a
race that we’re all in
the track is circular my friend

can’t unwind it’s the
only time you get
rest from the
insanity of this
that we find ourselves so
obsessed with

it only takes a life time to learn to
keep from making the same mistakes
we’re animals
just animals
and still don’t know any better

can’t unwind or you’ll
find that all that you’re
left with is the
rest of time
to unwind while you
ask yourself what you’re
left with
wake up early
hungover from the night before
go to school or work

Lately feeling so
worn out from the days gone by
the weeks the years that slip on by

so what is it that compels us as
we push along the path we cut
from the wilderness of existence

and I know know it's hard,
it's hard to do the same thing every day
it's hard to make your life
it's supposed to be so

If they told you that it would be easy
If they told you that it would cost next to nothing and
If they told you that you’re something special
They sold you

Paint a picture
Take a photograph of that
Write a song, or a rap

What you’re after
doesn’t come as easily as that
And I know I know I know I know

I’ve seen the face, the smiling ones that
preach that everything you want will
come to you and all you have to do

is sit and wait... they tell you everything
is planned out in advance and
nothing that you do will matter

If they told you that it would be easy
If they told you that it would cost next to nothing and
If they told you that you’re something special
They sold you

Turn the lights off
lay your head down and relax
you’ve at least earned that

cause it’s hard and it’s cold and there’s no one to
help you along
to tell you when you’re wrong
when you’re alone
you’re alone
If heaven is this great place you go to after you die
The greatest place somewhere up in the sky
I've been thinking what if we made it while we're still alive
Instead of waiting till after we die

I know people that work hard for a little happiness
Their inspiration always makes me smile
It's hard not to get wrapped up in the same old excuses
But nothing should excuse you from making the most of your life

I hope that you had fun
it could not last forever
nothing you could have done
so pray or whatever

I rarely ever notice when the sun shine
three blocks away I spot them lights from the one time
I never hear it when my lady she says she love me
But across the room even watching the tube I hear my phone ring
That could be money calling
I’m bout to move to the country like chevy funny farming
One day I’m gonna be ballin, drop a stack in the Sunday offerin
That’s to cleans all of my sins away
Sun rays in the distance, can’t see em, so I’m in disarray

Angel in my ear, my brother but I’mma disobey
He say wait for tomorrow but fuck it I’m gonna live today
Fuck it I’m gonna live today
How much of life have I wasted thinkin bout getting paid
Wake up and I tie my laces
Forget the time that I’ve wasted
The coundown’s down to one. It’s time to fly in the spaceship
It’ time to get up out of here, say goodby to the atmosphere
See my future in front of me everytime that I stand in front of a mirror, clear.

I hope that you had fun
it could not last forever
nothing you could have done
so pray or whatever
Track Name: THE SUN
I like how the moon reflects perfectly
solar radiance there for all to see
reminds me almost constantly
of how everything burns eventually

In the sun

I used to believe in most anything
the moon and the stars even fever dreams
the darkness was so comforting
but out here where it burns, I can see clearly

In the sun

it is the one
you can't behold
the shining sun
the closest one
the star above

the energy
that we absorb
the blinding light
that burns our skin
that burns our eyes

the hydrogen
the oxygen
the vapor that we breathe
that gives us life
it's origin

lies in the star that
among the ones
the billions in
the milky way
we call The Sun
I took a boom tube
into the other side where I saw
a land of darkness drowned in oceans of refuse
Another world where I could not
believe the horror there
saw whole societies where rape's a way of life

This could be anywhere in any time
I could distinguish nothing
but horror blackness shifting around me
nothing but despair

The citadels arose amongst
craters of carnage
years of decay and death embedded in their walls
I saw them belch into the sky
atrocious fire
I heard laughter as we fell through the blackest night

It comes to this when you just believe
that death's a way of life
you violate your reason and sanity
and block out the skies
what am I supposed to do?
the dogs have sold us out for you
the only place we can call home
is the darkness you're too scared to roam
And I don't mind

I only kill so I can eat
and to protect my family
have you ever killed just to eat?
Or tasted blood upon your teeth
to stay alive?

In point of fact you’ve taken more from me
than I have ever owned
all the land we used to have is gone
you drove us all away

what am I supposed to say?
only it’s always been this way?
the power you have over me,
guns pointed at my family,
and that’s just fine
that’s just fine
Track Name: THE FALL
I used to think about our fall
When He abandoned us for nothing more than learning
But what knowledge did we gain at all
If we waste so much time on imaginary feeling

I've felt the ghost slide across my soul
He tried to get me time and again
I made my mind up it’s easy
to no longer be concerned with our fall

what good is consciousness at all
what good are bodies if they only end up dying
I’m not afraid of death at all
I’m more afraid what happens when we all stop trying

I’m grateful for all that I’ve worked for
people and things that I can’t take with
I made my mind up it’s easy
to not waste time left concerned with our fall