from by The Shark



I took a boom tube
into the other side where I saw
a land of darkness drowned in oceans of refuse
Another world where I could not
believe the horror there
saw whole societies where rape's a way of life

This could be anywhere in any time
I could distinguish nothing
but horror blackness shifting around me
nothing but despair

The citadels arose amongst
craters of carnage
years of decay and death embedded in their walls
I saw them belch into the sky
atrocious fire
I heard laughter as we fell through the blackest night

It comes to this when you just believe
that death's a way of life
you violate your reason and sanity
and block out the skies


from THE SHARK, released September 27, 2011



all rights reserved


The Shark Texas

Guitarist / song writer / one half of MIDI McFly / shark

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