from by The Shark



Open up your eyes look out on the
day you’re greeted with
the problems you deal with
the life you choose to live

everything is fine since yesterday things have
only changed a bit
maybe more than a bit
but you still deal with it

I know things go wrong and sometimes it's
difficult to deal with it
you think nothing could make sense
all that’s left is hopelessness

it sits in your chest
the place where all these feelings go to rest
a place called the abyss
I know that it exists

cause I’ve seen it
I’ve fucking been there
and no matter what they say about
and no matter what they think
I know it’s there

so when the only thing worth feeling
is that everything’s receding
Take a deep breath and consider just how unimportant you are
that the drama
and all of the battles you’ve won
do not add up
to anything at all


from THE SHARK, released September 27, 2011



all rights reserved


The Shark Texas

Guitarist / song writer / one half of MIDI McFly / shark

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