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I keep hearing from people the
wrongs that have been done to them and
though I offer sympathy I
often wonder just
how they expected it to be

eventually you'll learn just like the
frog and scorpion that some
natures are irrepressible
despite their intention
it's just the way they've always been

when you’re thrust into the world
without a sense of right just don’t lose
sight of the fact that although it’s a
race that we’re all in
the track is circular my friend

can’t unwind it’s the
only time you get
rest from the
insanity of this
that we find ourselves so
obsessed with

it only takes a life time to learn to
keep from making the same mistakes
we’re animals
just animals
and still don’t know any better

can’t unwind or you’ll
find that all that you’re
left with is the
rest of time
to unwind while you
ask yourself what you’re
left with


from THE SHARK, released September 27, 2011



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The Shark Texas

Guitarist / song writer / one half of MIDI McFly / shark

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